Posted by Caleb | August 9, 2016 I am not a photographer, heck I just went on a trip around the world without even carrying a camera.  However, as I get more connected to digital devices and social networks, my initial reaction to seeing something cool on this trip was to […]

Points High Trip – A to Z in pictures

Posted by Beth | April 25, 2016 Yesterday marked one month from us leaving Uganda. Though we’ve been having a great time traveling through New Zealand, Australia and Indonesia, we miss our time in Uganda and the relationships we had there fiercely. In the past few weeks we’ve posted several blogs on […]

Uganda Recap

Posted by Beth | April 19, 2016 Thanks to airline miles the cost of our mission trip to Uganda was significantly reduced because we did not have to pay for our flight. I wrote up this (pretty lengthy) explanation of the step-by-step process that can be used to enough free […]

How to earn enough miles to fly free to Uganda ...

Posted by Beth | April 17, 2016 Whitewater rafting is one of our favorite adventure activities and rafting the Nile River in particular has been at the top of our adventure bucket list since my visit to Uganda on The World Race. Thus when we confirmed we’d be spending time […]

Rafting the Nile River in Jinja, Uganda

Posted by Beth | April 4, 2016 After our two and a half month blogging hiatus, we’re set to get back up and running this week. Here’s a little overview of where we’ve been and where we’re headed next. We’re 146 days into our travel break, and still have 98 days to […]

Points High is BACK on the road (plus Beth’s thoughts ...

Posted by Caleb | Tuesday, April 12, 2016 Church in Uganda was for the most part, enjoyable mixed with uncomfortable.  It is long and generally confusing and in an environment where we should be small specks of white, we stand out like blots of bleach.  Nearly every service we attended we […]

Mizungus in Ugandan Church

Posted by Caleb | April 16, 2016 For the majority of our trip Beth and I have been relatively isolated from others.  Though we are constantly surrounded either in the cities we’re visiting or the trails we are hiking, neither of us are usually acting too chipper or outgoing. If you find […]

Meet a few of our Ugandan friends

Posted by Caleb | April 7th, 2016 Spending two months living a routine type of life in any country is going to provide a glimpse into the culture, challenges and perks.  We had the chance to meet some pretty incredible Ugandan people along with some gut punching stories and challenges.  I’ve jotted […]

The Best and Worst of Daily Life in Uganda