Posted by Caleb | August 9, 2016 I am not a photographer, heck I just went on a trip around the world without even carrying a camera.  However, as I get more connected to digital devices and social networks, my initial reaction to seeing something cool on this trip was to […]

Points High Trip – A to Z in pictures

Posted by Beth and Caleb | January 18, 2016 As we kick off the new year, you will see Peru on many travel writers lists of places to visit in 2016.  Add us two to that crew as the historic ruins, adventure activities, budget friendly everything and general approach to life have […]

Adventure travel in Peru for only 50 dollars a day

Posted by Beth | January 12, 2016 We spent just over three weeks in Peru in December and were lucky enough to surround ourselves with some beautiful scenery, delightful people, impressive food, and a host of adventure activity options. Of course the highlight was Machu Picchu (read about our Inka Jungle Trek experience here), but we feel […]

Eight things for backpackers to do in Peru besides Machu ...

Posted by Beth | January 8, 2016 Visiting Machu Picchu was near the top of our travel bucket list for South America and our organized tour did not disappoint. We were impressed with the overall value of our Inka Jungle Trek through Loki Travel and would highly recommend it to […]

Most affordable (and fun!) way to trek to Machu Picchu

Posted by Beth | January 5, 2016 Our first official stop in Peru was in the small beach town of Paracas. Our main reason for visiting Paracas was to explore the nearby Paracas National Reserve and the Islas de las Ballestas. Caleb wrote yesterday about our adventures riding ATVs through […]

Our Interesting Experience at the Paracas Double Tree Resort