Posted by Beth | December 5, 2015 In both Chile and Argentina travel by bus is the most popular mode of transportation. We had heard pretty good things about the buses in South America, and we’ve been quite impressed by all the options. Some of the actual rides have been far […]

Comparing South American Bus Rides

Posted by Beth | December 3, 2015 We did not learn to tango or make empanadas or speak much Spanish, but we picked up a few lessons that will likely serve us well in our future travels during our four days in Buenos Aires, Argentina. You need to plan ahead, sometimes […]

Five travel lessons learned in Buenos Aires

Posted by Caleb | December 2, 2015 I do not know that I have ever participated in a black market per se.  I have been in a shady back office in New York searching for a knock-off handbags (it was for me eventual wife at least), a Chinese attic trying to buy a […]

The Black Market for the Blue Dolar – Exchanging USD ...

Posted by Bethany | December 1, 2015 We decided to splurge on a big excursion in Buenos Aires and stumbled on Argentina Polo Day on We researched it a bit on Trip Advisor and it had incredible reviews. After experiencing it for ourselves we can see why 746 people […]

Our highlight of Buenos Aires: Argentina Polo Day

Mendoza is fairly well-known for its great paragliding and was high on our list of things we wanted to try on our trip. We have a decent portion of our budget set aside for these types of thrill-seeking adventures. The company we used was Parapente, which seemed to be the […]

Paragliding in the foothills of the Andes

Mendoza, Argentina is surrounded by three different wine regions that together produce 75% of the world’s Malbec, so it’s no surprise that wine tasting is the top attraction. One of the most common ways to visit wineries is by booking private tours through one of the tour agencies in town. […]

Options for visiting wineries close to Mendoza

Choose a sunny day Get a bike that works Make friends Drink lots of wine Eat empanadas One of the most popular backpacker activities in the Mendoza region is to rent bicycles and ride around to several different wineries in Maipu. We had heard some mixed reviews about this, primarily […]

How to have the best day ever biking to wineries ...

We redeemed 28,000 Hyatt points and paid $37 USD to stay four nights at the Park Hyatt in Mendoza, Argentina. This is a steal at only a category 2 property on the Hyatt chart, with each night costing only 8,000 points. Similar to what we did at the Grand Hyatt […]

Park Hyatt Mendoza Review