Posted by Caleb | August 9, 2016 I am not a photographer, heck I just went on a trip around the world without even carrying a camera.  However, as I get more connected to digital devices and social networks, my initial reaction to seeing something cool on this trip was to […]

Points High Trip – A to Z in pictures

Posted by Beth | January 3, 2016 Days in the country: 20 Cities visited: Mendoza, Buenos Aires, El Calafate and El Chalten Language: Spanish Favorite Lodging: Park Hyatt Mendoza Favorite food: Steak. Argentina lived up to its reputation for having great, and affordable, steak for us. We had two great […]

Country Recap and Travel Budget Review: Argentina

Posted by Beth | December 29, 2015 In my opinion Delta points are among the most worthless airline miles around. It is difficult to find award space at the lowest levels and when we were based in Denver there were just very few options. Caleb got the American Express Delta […]

How to fly to Patagonia for free on Delta miles

En route from Patagonia to Peru we were stuck with a 21-hour layover in Buenos Aires. We knew at this point in the trip we would have already been in Buenos Aires for several days so decided just to book a points hotel close to the airport for some R&R. It […]

Holiday Inn Buenos Aires Airport Review + How we earned ...

Posted by Caleb | December 29, 2015 The Southern Patagonian Ice Field is the second largest ice field in the world, covering about 6,500 square meters in Argentina and Chile.  It is packed with massive glaciers and unemployed people who like to hike (there were tons of people that looked […]

Glacier Trekking Options in Patagonia

Posted by Beth | December 12, 2015 One of the highlights, by far, of our South American adventure has been hiking the W-Trek in Torres del Paine National Park in Chile. It was a challenging but rewarding experience with the most stunning scenery we’ve ever seen. We weren’t able to […]

Hiking the W-Trek in Patagonia, Part 2: Route, budget and ...

Posted by Beth | December 11, 2015 Yesterday Caleb posted about our full trip packing list for our nine-month RTW trip. Today we’re moving into reviewing our time in Patagonia, featuring a two-part series on hiking the W-Trek. Today’s post specifically will focus on the camping gear, clothing and food we carried. The […]

Hiking the W-Trek in Patagonia, Part 1: Gear