Holiday Inn Buenos Aires Airport Review + How we earned bonus points

En route from Patagonia to Peru we were stuck with a 21-hour layover in Buenos Aires. We knew at this point in the trip we would have already been in Buenos Aires for several days so decided just to book a points hotel close to the airport for some R&R. It turned out to be a great decision because we weren’t crazy about Buenos Aires anyway, the cab from the airport to downtown was nearly $30 one-way, and the Holiday Inn EZE was very nice.

We redeemed 10,000 IHG points for a one-night stay at the Holiday Inn Buenos Aires EZE Airport Hotel. Perhaps it was just because we’d spent the previous few weeks in our tent, hostels or bad guesthouses, but we were so thankful for the amenities that are included in a “chain” hotel.

Caleb has Spire Elite status, the top tier with IHG hotels, thanks to their new policy of earning Spire Elite if you earn 100,000 points or more in a year, which he did by signing up for the Chase IHG-branded credit card.

Spire Elite Benefits (may apply to other levels as well, not sure):

  • Hot breakfast buffet. Espresso drinks are not typically included but I was able to get one “on the house” for asking nicely.
  • Welcome package with a bottle of water and chocolate
  • 2 p.m. late checkout

Benefits for all guests:

  • Airport transportation included. Once you land and get your bags, make your way to the C terminal (international arrivals) and look for the Holiday Inn desk across from the McDonalds. If no one is there, pick up the phone which will dial the hotel. Keep in mind that the shuttle does not run from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. (Argentinans love their afternoon siesta!)
  • Full-service hotel with restuarant, bar, barber shop, a gym and a pool. 


  • There is not much around the hotel within walking distance. If you don’t plan to leave the hotel (we didn’t!) you’ll be fine, otherwise you’ll need to take a cab.
  • We were in desperate need of clean laundry and had been holding off on doing ours because the website advertised laundry machines, but it was a 24-hour send-off service, like most of the rest of Argentina. We attempted to do ours in the bathtub, but it didn’t dry in time and we ended up having to try to dry some pieces outside by the pool after checkout and carrying around wet laundry. Not our best decision.


    Attempting to nonchalantly dry our laundry by the pool.

I put a couple of messages on social media about our positive experience with this Holiday Inn and received a response on Twitter saying to check my account for a special reward. We received 2,500 IHG bonus points! I thought that was a really nice touch for Holiday Inn to interactive with guests via social media and offer bonus points.


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