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Posted By Beth | November 3, 2015

And we’re off! Posting this from the American Airlines Admirals Club at DFW. We have a 9.5 hour flight to Santiago later tonight and expect to arrive mid-morning 11/4.

Sunset flight out of KCI

Sunset flight out of KCI

For our first leg of our journey, North America to South America, we were able to save 20,000 American Airlines miles thanks to flying during the off-season. Our tickets from Kansas City to Santiago (via Dallas), cost us 20,000 miles each instead of the usual 30,000.

You do have to fly in economy to take advantage of the points savings. We will fly in business class on some of our longer flights this year, but couldn’t pass up two flights for only 40,000 miles, versus 100,000 miles for business class. Our flight cost us $11.20 total in taxes and fees. Had we paid for the flight out-of-pocket instead of using points, the cost would have been $2,244.00 (actual cash price for our exact routing on the day we booked award tickets).

Traveling for 9 months around the world, not for boring people. (Though The Villain said my pose is boring and needs some work)

Traveling around the world…not for boring people.

Traveling on off-peak awards is a great way to stretch your miles and can open up more options for where you can fly if you don’t have many miles. For instance, flying roundtrip from Kansas City to Santiago is 40,000 miles on points, and you would spend 25,000 miles for a domestic roundtrip, even if you were just going to Oklahoma City from Kansas City. There are also plenty of credit cards you can sign up for that will earn you at least 40,000 miles, including the Citi Platinum AAdvantage Card (look for an offer of at least 50,000 miles!)

Off-peak awards are available for select locations only during restricted time periods.

MileSAAver Off Peak Dates

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