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Mt. Bierstadt

It was a relatively slow week for me in points and miles. I tuned out over the long holiday weekend to spend some time with my bestie who was in town and we hiked a 14er.

Most of my points and miles tasks this week revolved around wrapping everything up from my crazy week two weeks ago, where I made almost $1,000. So this is essentially a follow up to that, along with a few other new offers I jumped on, credit cards we (tried) to cancel, and new hotel bookings.

New Offers:

  • Free $10 Credits with Amex Express Checkout HT Points Miles and Martinis. There’s a limited number of merchants, and you can only do it once per merchant per Amex log-in. I’m only really interested in Newegg, because you can buy gift cards and free after rebate items, which means we got $40 free (Four unique Amex accounts). I bought (4) $10 Groupon gift cards, and went through Ebates for an extra 1% back.
  • Staples: From July 12-July 18, receive a $15 Staples Gift Card after Easy Rebate when you purchase at least $300 in Mastercard gift cards.
  • Amex Prime Day July 15: Promises to be “better than Black Friday!” Now is a good time to sign up for a free 30 day trial of Prime if you are not already a member, as you must be on July 15 to receive deals.

Credit Card Retention Calls: This deserves a separate post at some point, but for now, several of our cards had annual fees hit recently and we finally got motivated to call and cancel/ask for an offer/etc.

  • Barclaycard Miles and More Lufthansa Card: Result: Cancelled card and transferred entire credit line to my Arrival Plus.
  • Barclaycard Arrival Plus: Caleb’s annual fee hit a long time ago and was told by a rep that it’s only refundable for 50 days, which we had just passed, so he kept the card open. There are some negative changes coming to this card unfortunately, according to DoC.
  • The Villain is in the process (hopefully) of making calls to Chase and US Bank, and I’ve got one or two more myself. More to come…


  • Called Club Carlson a few times to sort out some issues and transfer points from one account to another, a free service for gold members.
  • Booked free annual night awards for Chase Hyatt card and Chase Marriott card. Our intent is to book the free nights, cancel the card, and hopefully still be able to use the free night. Anyone have any luck with this?
  • Redeemed a free night on It takes 10 nights to earn one free, and it seemed to take me forever! We’re looking forward to hanging out with my cousins and aunts and uncles at the Sheraton Mountain Vista Resort Villas next month. I happened to notice that my credit card was charged the full amount, not just the remainder of the balance ( Rewards gives you a credit for the average of your 10 paid nights). Not sure if this was somehow my error or theirs, but after about 10 min. a rep on the phone was able to fix the problem and refund my credit card. Good reminder to A) always scan your credit card bill or and B) It never hurts to call and ask.

    Sheraton Mountain Vista Resort Villas

  • Booked two free nights at the Viceroy Snowmass! We won this great prize a few weeks ago at a promotion through Alpine Bank. (Secret fold! Fold up your raffle ticket with as many little edges sticking out as possible—works like a charm). Looking forward to checking out our first Viceroy Hotel for our anniversary next month.

    Viceroy Snowmass. Photo from Trip Advisor.

  • Posted Reviews from NYC: Park Hyatt and Waldorf Astoria 

Specific follow up items from this post:

  • Sam’s Club Amex Offers: Redeemed the remainder of my Sam’s Club Amex Offers by purchasing $50 Sam’s Club gift cards online, which I’ll use at Walmart for groceries or other essentials. $40 in free money, by splitting the transaction onto two separate cards. The fees that were temporarily added awhile back have all disappeared, and I avoided non-member fees by signing in under my mom’s member account and just shipping them to myself (thanks Mom, sorry about the slew of email confirmations today!)
  • Cardpool: This was a big moneymaker for me by offloading gift cards I purchased with various Amex Offers. It was my first time using it and I was nervous that the postage only printed for $.70 when I had a huge stack of cards. On the second round I went to the post office and did postage myself for peace of mind with the tracking. Anyway, I got confirmation from USPS it arrived, and confirmation from Cardpool that my first order had been received, so I think I’m good to go? Anxiously awaiting checks totaling almost $2,000.
  • US Bank $125 New Checking Account Bonus: Last week when I set this up I got distracted in the middle of it and my session timed out before I had a chance to fund the new account. I kind of forgot about it until I got an email this week stating my account had been approved but I needed to call in or go online to make an initial deposit. I called and used my Citi Prestige card to fund $500 (the max). Double win since it brought me $500 closer to hitting minimum spend on that card and I earned $125 (or will, after I make at least two bill payments or direct deposits by Aug 28).
  • eBay: My $50 coupons all showed up in my account this week from the new seller offers. Since you can only use one coupon per account, I used some of them to buy eBay digital gift cards, and then combined them all to by myself a Kindle! As an avid reader it’s something I’ve been wanting for a while and I was able to get it free thanks to some great deals a few weeks back.
  • Ownzones: Amazon $10 gift certificate was emailed to me today and I quickly loaded it to my online account, and promptly cancelled the Ownzones membership.

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