LGA Air Canada Lounge Review

On our recent trip to New York we had the chance to check out the Air Canada lounge at LaGuardia Airport, thanks to our Priority Pass Membership. We recently got access to Priority Pass Lounges thanks to the Citi Thank You Prestige Card.

We almost exclusively fly Southwest for our domestic travel because we have a plethora of points and the Southwest Companion Pass. One of the big downsides of Southwest though is not only do they not have any lounges of their own, but they are often secluded in terminals or smaller airports without any lounges even if you have ways to access the lounge free.

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Luckily LaGuardia has several lounges right outside of security, meaning you can go in regardless of what airline you’re flying if you have appropriate credentials. We did need to show our boarding passes along with the Citi Prestige, but it didn’t matter that they were on another airline and whether we were coming or going. The Air Canada lounge was uncrowded, pleasant and a better selection of food and spirits than domestic lounges, as is usually the case.

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I especially liked that they had some fresh juices, fruit water and champagne readily available.

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Fruit, hot soup, salad bar, toast, chips and dip and desserts on the buffet. Not spectacular, but enough to hold us over for several hours.

The lounge was on the small side but there were very few passengers utilizing it during either of our brief trips in. The staff was friendly and heavy-handed. There was only one TV, but plenty of outlets if you wanted to get work done. There were a few desks in the back area, or you could sit in overstuffed chairs and watch planes come and go. Overall, decent lounge and good for a quick bite or drink before a flight at LaGuardia.

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