Naked Wines Update: Still a good, but not great, deal.

I’ve posted several times about Naked Wines. We drink a lot of wine in our household and it’s our go-to method for ordering nice bottles of wine for cheap, with the added convenience of it being delivered to our doorstep.

Naked Wines is growing in popularity and the Angels (members-only discounts) list has grown to 75,000 people.That’s apparently the max they can handle right now because the waiting list is 17,837 people long. When I first got in there was no wait to be an Angel, so your discount was applied immediately with your first $40 deposit, and you could combine the Angel discounts (approximately 40%-60% off).

Once there was a wait list to be an Angel, they introduced a new benefit of three free bottles on your first order, which could be combined with your $100 discount. This post outlines a possible scenario where you can get 12 bottles of wine for about $115.

But to get an even better deal, I suggested taking it one step further and saving your voucher until you become an Angel. I placed an order under Caleb’s account and ended up with another stellar deal of 21 bottles for $62, but apparently this was too good to be true!


Naked Wines has apparently updated their policy to not allow customers to combine the Angel discount with any form of voucher. I confirmed that this week when I tried to use a $50 voucher (no minimum purchase, received in the mail with The Villain’s initial order), and the site forced me to choose either Angel pricing or using the voucher.


The best deal I could find was the “Trial Pack,” which is only $82 for 6 bottles, regularly priced. For me this came out to be a better deal so I used the voucher instead of the Angel pricing. We are two for two on Naked Wines matching the first contribution of $40, so they must be doing that for every new account. The total out of pocket cost came to $79.98 for 12 bottles.  It’s not nearly as good of a deal as it used to be, but still better than what you’ll probably find at your local grocery or liquor store.

We are visiting Sonoma region in May, as part of our San Francisco trip, and I look forward to visiting the Naked Wines tasting room, where Angels and their friends always receive free tastings. We’ll re-evaluate our Angel membership after that. There is an option to reduce your monthly deposit to $20, or to your account (and still receive full benefits).

We redeemed a Hyatt credit card free night for one night at the Andaz Napa

We redeemed a Hyatt credit card free night for one night at the Andaz Napa

To get $100 off your first purchase on Naked Wines, please use this linknot the GMPH code previously posted. That post has been updated. Thanks!

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