How to use Excel to manage credit cards and points: Part 2 2

A few days back I posted a link to my go-to spreadsheet for managing our credit card system. With nearly 40 cards at this point, that’s no easy task! Thanks to some comments and reader feedback I’ll be updating the Points, Miles and Credit Card Management Template (Download) to include even more info, but in the meantime expect several brief posts that provide an overview of how I use some of the individual tabs.

1. Accounts and Info:
This tab is listed first for me because it’s the one I access the most and is sort of a “catch all” for any account where there’s a membership number or a log-in or password to be remembered. It’s nice to have these all in one place so you don’t waste timing trying various passwords, trying to remember your number, etc. This way you can vary  your passwords, though I know I’m guilty of using the same three passwords for hundreds of accounts but we all know that’s not safe anymore! I know there are a lot of great password generating/saving websites and apps out there, which I’ve been meaning to try. Would love to hear your suggestions for what works for you! LastPass was one suggestion I heard at the Chicago Seminars last year.

Examples of types of information I include, and some of my favorite websites:

  • driver’s license numbers
  • passport numbers
  • known traveler numbers (for TSA Precheck, another lifesaver!)
  • social security numbers
  • license plate numbers
  • tax programs
  • student loans
  • home, car and health insurance
  • email accounts and passwords
  • Amazon, Spotify, Hoopla, Pandora and other entertainment log-ins (I recommend gofobo for advance movie screening alerts in your area)
  • library card numbers
  • dining reward programs (Seven Starbucks accounts, anyone?)
  • online shopping accounts
  • shopping portals (Ebates is usually my go-to).
  • store loyalty numbers
  • commonly used ‘PINs’or secret words
  • grocery store and gas rewards
  • Wine club memberships
  • Social media accounts. Follow me on TwitterFacebook, Instagram, and Pinterest!
  • File and photo sharing accounts
  • Travel booking websites (Orbitz Rewards, Rocket Miles, Points Hound and Travel Pony are good ones).
  • Coupon sites (I love the ones where you log in and can easily click to make your own shopping list from their suggested deals, such as and
  • Recipe and fitness websites (currently obsessed with

This is a great place to store key phone numbers, important names, passwords, etc.  There is some crossover between what’s on this tab and some of the others, but this is always the first place I look.

I joke with The Villain that God forbid anything were ever to happen to me, at least he knows how to access any and every account and has full contact info and necessary information.

Just a reminder and word of caution that this type of sensitive information needs to be password protected! As I previously mentioned, I use the file-sharing service Dropbox to store this spreadsheet. I also recommend storing scanned copies of various documents such as identification, insurance cards, marriage licenses and any rewards card showing status you may need to prove, in your Dropbox account.

What am I missing? What other type of info can you think of that would be helpful to store here?

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