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I’ve finally gotten around to writing a blog series on buying cheap wine online. The past two days I wrote about Naked Wines and Lot 18, two of my favorites. Neither of those necessarily earn you extra miles and points, but below are a couple of other ways you can earn bonus miles for buying wine.

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Wall Street Journal Wine

Offer 1: The current best offer I see is for 15 bottles of wine for only $69.99, which they advertise as $4.67 a bottle. But you’ll also pay $19.99 in shipping and handling, so in reality the average price per bottle is $5.99, still a pretty great deal! You can expect 10-14 days for delivery. You can choose from three different cases: holiday reds, the perfect holiday mix, or festive whites.

This IS a membership club, so unless you cancel or go online to delay or skip shipments, you will continue to be charged. As usual with wine club introductory offers, the price per case will go up significantly after your first shipment. Every three months you’ll receive 12 bottles for $149,99, plus the $19.99 shipping and tax. There is no commitment though so you may cancel at any time.

I’ve ordered from them before, but did not continue the membership. If you are a current wine club member you can refer up to four friends and receive a $50 wine credit for each against your next quarterly case.

WSJ Offer 2: By clicking through the American Airlines shopping portal, you can see an offer to receive 7 points per dollar, as well as 12 bottles for $69.99, plus $19.99 shipping. You’ll also receive a free lever-action corkscrew set, supposedly worth $49.99. I think the first offer is better because you receive 15 bottles at an average price of $5.99, versus 12 bottles at a price of $7.49 per bottle. But with this offer you’ll also receive the corkscrew set and 630 AAdvantage miles, which I would value at about $10 (based on The Point Guy’s monthly valuations).

Laithwaites Wine (formerly Zagat Wine)

I don’t see any current portal offers for miles and points for this program, but keep checking back as I know I’ve earned miles in the past from them. The current best order is the exact same as the Offer 1 on WSJ, in fact when you click to the WSJ offer, the website is actually laithwaiteswine.com.

There is also an option to pay a one-time fee of $89 then receive free shipping for 12 months on all orders of 12 or more bottles, up to five different addresses.


Wine.com is the leading online wine retailer, apparently. Make sure you go through a portal if you plan to buy wine at wine.com. Ultimate Rewards currently offering 7 points per dollar. Also several coupon codes you can find at evreward.com. Never done it myself as there doesn’t appear to be any bonus offers or initial sign up deals.

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Pinterest photo

Accidental Wine Company

I have never ordered from this company either but stumbled upon it doing some research. Accidental Wine Company sells wines with blemished labels that retailers don’t want to sell. The website doesn’t seem as user friendly as some of the others, and it only indicates the price they are selling it for, not the actual retail price of the bottle, so it’s unclear how good of a deal you’re getting.  One of the big things I noticed when browsing the website is most of these wine companies promote “100% satisfaction guarantee,” and will refund you or replace any bottle you don’t like. Accidental Wine Company’s refund policy only states that they’ll refund wines damaged in shipping.

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  • Julie @ Millennial Boss

    I was just about to gift someone a WSJ wine club box for a wedding gift and thought to double check if I can get miles – stumbled upon your blog! Thanks for the tips. Now have to clear my cache and go back through the AA shopping portal. Thanks!