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If you read this blog often, it’s pretty clear that The Villain and I love our wine. Recently we’ve been obsessing over Naked Wines and wanted to share this great promotion with readers.

What is Naked Wines?

Naked Wines is a “customer funded winery.” Customers help to fund independent winemakers, and receive wholesale prices, typically 40-60% off. I first signed up several months ago and was able to get a great deal combining the $100 off voucher for new customers with an Angel membership. Angels pay $40 a month, which helps to fund the winemakers upfront, which can be applied to wine orders at any time. Angels also receive one free bottle of wine a month.  Unfortunately there’s currently a wait list to be an Angel because it’s gotten pretty popular (for good reason–the wines are delicious!). BUT they are offering three free bottles if you put your name on the waitlist, so it’s still a pretty good deal.

naked wine

How to score 12 bottles of good wine for under $10 a bottle:

  1. Sign up for Naked Wines using this link (For full disclosure I will possibly earn $20 if you sign up using my link, but I’m confident this is the best current promotion out there).
  2. Enter code GMPH414, and password ASP32XYN, along with your email address.
  3. Join the Angels waiting list to receive three free bottles of wine. You do have to put your credit card in, but after placing your initial order you can cancel Angel membership if you’re not interested in continuing.
    angel wait list 3 bottles free
  4. Select 9 more bottles of wine to add to your cart. You can sort by type of wine, but I prefer to search ‘All Wines’ and sort by price, lowest to highest.

Even without the Angel discounts, $150 of free wine ($100 voucher and three free bottles, worth $49.97) is a pretty great deal!

naked wine checkout

I placed 12 bottles in my case, mostly reds and a couple of whites. I stuck to the cheaper side but didn’t necessarily choose all of the cheapest bottles (the cheapest are roses and sweet wines which we don’t care for as much).  My total out of pocket cost was $114.91 for 12 bottles, which is only $9.58 a bottle. Pretty great considering the average cost per bottle in my cart was about $25.

Delivery is included if your order is over $100, otherwise it’s $9.99. Shipping typically takes 7-10 business days, so if you order now it’s guaranteed to be there by Christmas–a great gift or perfect for hosting Christmas parties.  Note that someone over 21 years of age must be present to sign for the shipment.

Once you receive your wines you can use the website or the Naked Wine app to learn more about your wines and get tips on pairings. If you are not completely satisfied with any of your wines, you can request a refund. I’ve requested a refund before and it was a pretty quick and painless process and the money was returned to my account within a few days.

Angel Membership

While $150 of wine is a great deal, you could just join the wait list now and wait until a spot opens up to use your $100 voucher. You won’t get the three free bottles I’m guessing, but the 40-60% discounts and access to exclusive angels only wines should make up for it. It told me the wait time was 28 days.

naked wine wait list

Remember to cancel your Angel account if you do not want to be charged $40 a month. I initially kept my account open for awhile but decided a few months later I had plenty of wine on hand, so I canceled my account online and the money was returned to my credit card within a few days.

Naked Wines sent me a promotion a few months later offering me a $40 credit to come back, which I gladly took them up on. It seemed to work for them, as I’m still an Angel member and have placed several orders since.

One cool thing I just noticed while playing around on the site is the ‘Visit’ tab.  If you happen to be in the Sonoma area you can enjoy free picnics, live music, wine and cheese experiences, and bbqs with wine makers, as well as receive free tastings for Angels and their friends at the wineries. You can also use the Naked Concierge’s prepared tours in Sonoma and Napa County.

Naked Wines

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