Our first fairly unsuccessful churn and frustrating reconsideration call experience 3

For reasons to be divulged down the road, the Villain and I plan to churn extra aggressively for the next year or so, and it was time for a new round of applications for him. Here are the mixed results and our experience with reconsiderations. He has a very strong credit score and in the past has almost always been automatically approved for cards, or at the very least approved with a reconsideration call. In fact I don’t think he’s ever been declined card.

  1. IHG Rewards Club Select Mastercard from Chase. 80,000 point bonus after spending $1,000 in 3 months. Here is the landing page, which does not directly reference 80,000 points, but lots of people, including myself, have received the full bonus.Result: Approved!
  1. American Express Business Gold Rewards Card, for 50,000 Membership Rewards points. There’s apparently a link for a 75,000 point offer that some people have been able to load after trying multiple browsers, security settings etc., though I did not have any luck and decided to just settle for the 50,000 point offer. Applied for business card with his full name as name of business.Result: Pending.

He was notified a few hours later by email of an approval. Plan to secure message Amex once the card is activated and ask to be matched to the 75,000 offer. Not sure it’ll work but suppose it can’t hurt to ask. 50,000 points is still double the normal offer.

amex approval

  1. Barclaycard US Airways Mastercard with a 50,000 point bonus. He had this card in the past and cancelled it approximately 11 months ago. Other open Barclay cards are the Arrival and Frontier card.Result: Pending

This was frustrating because I’ve read lately of multiple folks being approved for the card even with an existing US Airways card open. I’ve also read its best not to call the reconsideration line for Barclay cards, so decided to just wait it out to receive a decision.

  1. Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select Mastercard 50,000 point offer. He already has both the AAdvantage American Express card and the Executive Elite World Mastercard, but my understanding is they are all separate products and have heard of lots of folks being approved for multiple cards of the same product with Citi.Result: Pending.

The result said “Your application is pending further review and we need additional information from you,” along with a phone number and application ID. When he called he was informed the application had already been declined, and they refused to connect him to a reconsideration specialist because he “already has the same card.”

I tweeted at Citi and American Airlines and both responded indicating they are separate products and you can apply for both, but even after calling back the Citi rep on the phone would not approve the card.


aa twitter

Anyone have advice? Maybe I’m just not understanding Citi’s rules for the AAdvantage cards.

As of now, the churn stands at 2/4, though I’m still holding out hope on the US Airways card. If it’s not approved the total miles/points will be 130,000, but if it is that’s 180,000, which would be a lot better considering the four hard pulls.

Overall this churn was a good reminder of the advice “Your Miles May Vary.”

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