Monitor your credit for free with Credit Sesame + Referral Bonus until Nov. 30th 5

One of the most important factors in playing the miles and points game is monitoring your credit score, and one of the best free resources that I’ve found to monitor our scores is Credit Sesame. 

Credit Sesame is 100% free to you and doesn’t require a credit card to sign up. The service provides free credit score and credit monitoring, free tracking and alerts, with easy to read graphs, financial goal-setting options and free $50K identity theft insurance and ID restoration help. It’s completely secure, using bank-level security practices and encryptions.

Using Credit Sesame to check your credit will not in any way hurt your credit score, and ideally it will help you to improve it! The data provided on Credit Sesame comes directly from the Experian credit bureau, which I’ve found is the credit bureau pulled most in my credit applications, at least in my area, so it’s incredibly helpful.

There are some paid services, but I think the free membership works just fine!


Through the end of November Credit Sesame is offering a $150 Amazon Gift Card when you get six of your friends to sign up for free. So if you’re not already a member, take a minute to sign up and then send your friends your link (click on your name in the top right corner and scroll down to ‘Invite a Friend.’)

If you are not already using this service and would like to sign up using my link, I would greatly appreciate your support! I do not earn any money off the blog currently, so this would be a simple way to earn some free money thanks to my great readers. The Villain and I obviously both already have accounts (and DO use them frequently, so this isn’t entirely a shameless plug), but I signed my mom up for the service (she’s my guinea pig) and the registration process only took about 90 seconds.


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