Taking Uber to the airport + $10-$40 in free rides!

The Villain and I love to use Uber for cheap rides around Denver as an alternative to taking cabs or the bus or having to worry about parking or driving after a few drinks. I hadn’t ever really thought about using Uber while traveling though until this past trip. We decided to take Uber to and from DIA rather than deal with parking for 10 days and it was a very pleasant experience, and one we’ll certainly repeat in the future.

If you’re not familiar with Uber, it’s a car service that allows you to request rides from an app on your smartphone. When you sign up you enter your credit card info and then when you request a car it is automatically charged, tip included automaticaly, which makes the whole process pretty stress free. I love that you can get a price quote before requesting a vehicle, but once you’re in there’s no watching the meter go up and up, which always seems to give me anxiety in cabs. Immediately following your ride you are emailed your receipt with the total amount your card was charged. You can also track your driver as they are making their way to you after you submit a request, so you know how many minutes away they are and what kind of car to look for. Uber allows you to rank your drivers (and they can rank you), so the bad drivers are weeded out. Uber offers many options such as black car, Uber family (with carseats), Uber XL (to seat more passengers), or our favorite and typically the cheapest, Uber X. In our experience all of our Uber drivers have been super friendly, safe drivers and very helpful.

Here are two great ways for you to save some money when you try Uber for yourself:

Your first ride is free, up to $30, when you sign up using my link. If you’ve never tried Uber before, this is a great way to test it out for free or cheap. If your ride is over $30, the difference will be charged to your credit card. It’s easy to sign up for Uber and download the app to your phone in just a few minutes.

Save $10 on a ride with Amex Sync. For both new and existing Uber users, you can sync your American Express to your Uber account then tweet #AmexUber, and make sure the same card is tied to your Twitter via Amex Sync. More info on the offer here, which is valid until 12/31/14.

Here are the steps I followed to receive the $10 offer on a new Amex card. The offer can be repeated with multiple cards if you have multiple Twitter accounts. Learn more about how to do this from The Frequent Miler. 

1. Use this page to register your American Express for Amex Sync via Twitter. I wanted to switch the card (to one I’m trying to hit spend on currently), so I clicked ‘Disconnect Card’ at bottom of page and then was able to successfully link a different card.

2. Tweet #AmexUber

3. Log in to Uber app and ensure that the same American Express linked card is connected as a form of payment.

4. Request an Uber car and select the card you want to use.

5. Your receipt will include the total price, but you should receive a confirmation email from Amex shortly after thanking you for participating in the offer, and a $10 statement credit will show up on your next statement.

plenty of cars available at all hours at DIA!

plenty of cars available at all hours at DIA!

Tips from our most recent experience: 

  • I requested our Uber ride to the airport from inside our apartment. It told me a car was five minutes away so I had plenty of time to get our bags downstairs. Once I got down though I realized the wrong address was listed for my pickup. I typically rely on the GPS in the app, but this time it was off by several blocks. I called the driver to let him know, but he told me to cancel the request and place a new one. I was charged $5 for this cancellation, per Uber’s policy. Always double check to confirm that your pick up location address is correct before submitting!
  • It was a little confusing to call an Uber from the airport. It was great that it showed so many were within one minute, but I wasn’t sure which terminal to go to or where exactly they’d pick up. Luckily our Uber driver called me right away and met us inside the airport and walked us out to short term parking, where he’d left his car. A huge plus of the app is the ability for the driver and passenger to call or text one another during an active pick up request, which can help clear up any confusion.
  • Uber IS available outside of the U.S. Uber is currently in 45 countries and expanding. You can see the full list of cities here.  We planned to use Uber in either Munich or Paris but ended up taking the train. If traveling with a group, you can refer each other with your own custom link (found in the app) and each of you will receive a $30 free ride.

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