Hotel Review: Radisson Blu Le Dokhan’s Hotel, Paris, Trocadero 9

So apparently I’m not writing reviews in any type of order for this trip, since Paris was our last stop. But I loved this hotel the most and was excited to get this post up.

Front of the corner property hotel

Front of the corner property hotel

Our favorite hotel of the trip was the Radisson Blu Le Dokhan’s Hotel, Paris, Trocadero. The hotel is made up of 41 rooms and four suites, all elaborately decorated.

We used 50,000 Club Carlson points to book our room for two nights. It was about a 60 Euro cab ride from the airport to the hotel.

one of my favorite features of the hotel...a tiny elevator made from a Louis Vuitton trunk

one of my favorite features of the hotel…a tiny elevator made from a Louis Vuitton trunk

Before it was a hotel, it was a single residence owned by Le Dokhan. All the furniture and decorations currently in the hotel was purchased for the hotel when it opened or were bought from antique shops. The room we received for our award night was the ‘Classic’ room, the smallest of all Le Dokhan’s rooms. Our room couldn’t have been more than 200 square feet, but it was beautifully decorated.


Each of our three rooms had different fabrics, but were fairly similar in regards to everything else. We each had a balcony with big French doors that opened up. Our room was so small though that the doors wouldn’t quite open all the way without hitting the bed. The bathroom was also really small, but the Villain and I are used to stepping around each other in a tiny bathroom luckily.


There is a small champagne bar on the first floor, which is apparently the oldest in the city. Glass of champagne were pretty steep, starting at over 10 Euro a glass, so we didn’t try any.

The evening concierge at our hotel was fantastic. He gave us excellent dinner recommendations both nights. The first night we ate at Cafe Poincare, which our concierge told us got fresh food from the market and then menu changed everyday. I had the creamy onion soup, which was quite possibly the best bowl of soup I’ve ever had. The French know how to eat! The second night we ate at an Italian restaurant he recommended, which we all thought was a little weird at first to eat Italian food in France, but it was delicious. I had a goat cheese and walnut pasta. Unfortunately I didn’t get many pics of my food, but we ate so well every single day of our trip.

steak frites

steak frites

This hotel was only about a five to ten minute walk to Eiffel Tower. We went back our final night to watch the light show, which happens on the hour every hour.


It was also really close to a couple of different metro stations, which made it easy to get around Paris.


We did not eat at the hotel, but breakfast was available starting at 20 Euro for pastries or 30 Euro for a hot breakfast. There was also free Internet in the hotel, which was always nice to be able to check our phones since we had them on airplane mode the whole week.

Overall, this was a fantastic hotel and a great use of 50,000 Club Carlson points. Rates start at $250, so our value was over $1,500 for three rooms for two nights.

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9 thoughts on “Hotel Review: Radisson Blu Le Dokhan’s Hotel, Paris, Trocadero

  • Todd Bandy

    Found my way over from MMS and the first thing I read was a review of the Hotel my wife and I just stayed! Loved it and the LVT elevator. For your readers..I would add that there is a local Carefour market right down the block(good selection of cheap wine) and a real nice Restaurant just around the corner: highly rated on Tripadvisor



  • gap4jason

    Hi Bethany – we are going to Paris in April and have not had any luck seeing anything open up for this property and the 2 or 3 other club Carlson hotels in Paris. We have 8more weeks before the trip. Hopefully something opens up.

      • gap4jason

        Hi….I forgot I posted a question about my flights…yes, we scored a deal from JFK to Milan at $399/person roundtrip with Emirates. We’re from LA, so the flight from LA to JFK will all be free (well, using racked up miles from sign-up bonuses). We’re only paying $33 out of pocket. We’re going to Milan – Switzerland (Lugano), Florence – Venice. All travels in between are via train. Then a wish list is Paris….so we’re taking Ryanair to Paris, and EasyJet back to Milan. I would’ve loved to do an open jaw instead of arriving and leaving from Milan, but the deal was too hard to pass up. This trip will also allow us to spend 2-3 days in NYC before and after our European getaway. I’ll try calling Club Carlson, an option I’ve not tried. My wife has 85K from the sign-up, and just this past Jan, I applied for a personal and business Club Carlson cards and got approved….so I’m swimming in points (which I love). If you have any Paris, Milan, Venice and Florence tips…let me know 🙂

        • btegtmeier

          Jason, WOW that sounds like an incredible trip! Great catch on the JFK to Milan rate, Emirates is so nice too! With Club Carlson we also ran into the issue with booking multiple rooms the same nights with the same accounts and trying to use bonus award night. It only allows it once per person, so the second reservation would need to be under your name. I’d suggest you book the reservation as a paid stay under your account (confirm it’s refundable), and then when the points post to your account you can call and switch the reservation from paid to points. That’s what we had to do a few times and it seemed to work out. I was just recently approved for the Club Carlson Business Card about a month ago and the points have already posted to my account, so yours should post in plenty of time. Good luck! Florence and Paris I’d say hit the big tourist sites, they’re worth it! Venice just wander around and take it all in. I’ve never done Milan but heard it’s great.

  • gap4jason

    Well, well directly after I replied to you, I checked online again and this time the Radisson Blu Paris Boulougne opened up at 50K/night. My wife has 104K points, so we booked 2 nts for 100K –> and we were charged on 50K, which left us with 54K remaining in our balance. I “tried” booking another room for the same dates but the system and the rep on the phone said that I needed 100K pts to book the room. It didn’t make sense since I really just need 50K for both nights…she agreed, but could not help me and advised me to call another number in the morning. About my 2 new cards, the bonus points are not in my acct yet, so it might take a few weeks for them to be deposited. Oh the trials and tribulations!!!

    • gap4jason

      OK thanks for the tip in booking the rooms (paid). My new points from my personal and biz cards will post to US Bank tonight, and acc. to them it takes 6-8 weeks for it to post to Club Carlson (I don’t think it took that long when my wife 1st got hers). In any case, we’re in wait mode. Thanks for the tips!!!