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As I wrote yesterday, while I claim to not be loyal to one hotel chain, I am actively participating in a Hyatt Diamond Status Challenge.

It seems too good to be true, but after just a few stays I can see why it’s in Hyatt’s best interest to offer status matches, as I’m quickly becoming a “Hyatt person,” and will probably choose Hyatt over other brands in the future, unless there’s a particularly lucrative promotion with another hotel.

Here’s how it works:

If you have elite status with another hotel program, then essentially you can request a status match challenge from Hyatt by calling 800.304.9288 or emailing I received email confirmation within just a few hours that I had been approved. Once approved, you must stay a total of 12 nights in 60 stays to qualify for Hyatt’s Diamond status level.

I was able to match to my Hilton gold status, which I obtained free through the Hilton Reserve card. You just have to email a screenshot of your other status, with proof of at least one recent stay.

When I applied in early August, the current offer was valid through February of 2016, which I believe is still the current offer. A great benefit is that you’re able to utilize the full benefits of diamond status during your trial, so even if you have no intention of qualifying but have a big trip coming up you could take advantage of benefits such as suite upgrades, free Internet and free breakfast. This status match is apparently only good once per lifetime though, so use it wisely!


Hyatt Regency Houston breakfast buffet. Diamonds can eat at the hotel restaurant when there is no club.

Hyatt Regency Houston breakfast buffet. Diamonds can eat at the hotel restaurant when there is no club.


  • Free breakfast (continental breakfast in lounge when available, otherwise full hot breakfast from hotel restaurant or room service for each person in your party).
  • Free wireless internet.
  • Free access to the club lounges
  • Choice of welcome amenity or 1,000 bonus points
  • An additional 1,000 bonus points for your first six stays
  • 30% points earning bonus
  • 4 p.m. late checkout
  • Special concierge phone line
  • Best available room (usually not including suites)
  • 4 Confirmed Suite Upgrades

You have 60 days to complete the challenge, but the way I understand it is that you can continue to use the benefits through the end of the calendar month in which you finish, and the suite upgrades remain in your account until February of 2015. Even if you do qualify, you will be able to use the suite upgrades through February of 2015. And if you do qualify, another four suite upgrades will be deposited into your account then.

One really nice thing about this challenge is that points + cash rates qualify as eligible nights. While 11 of my nights were paid through work stays, I was going to be one night short after some travel plans changed, which led to Caleb and I booking a night at the Grand Hyatt Denver for our anniversary. Points + Cash allowed us to burn 6,000 points along with $75, rather than paying well over $400 a room. Confirmed suite upgrades can also be used on points + cash awards, though not on award nights only. Each suite upgrade is good for stays up to seven consecutive stays. We loved using our suite upgrade for an Executive Suite in Denver, which the hotel generously upgraded to the Presidential Suite!

Grand Hyatt Denver Presidential Suite

Grand Hyatt Denver Presidential Suite

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