Posted by Caleb | January 24, 2017 Continuing our retroactive posting strategy….here’s another! Thinking about taking a short trip over to China to explore some of the grub, culture and mega-city life?  We thought it was a good idea and with new visa rules, and turns out it is a […]

Comparing short stays in Shanghai and Hong Kong

Posted by Beth | December 31, 2016 Days we spent in the country: 30 (The most we could stay with the 30-day visa. Vietnam is one of only a few countries we had to get a visa in advance. We used an online visa service, which was cheaper and faster than […]

Vietnam recap and budget breakdown (our cheapest country!)

Posted by Beth | December 31, 2016 We spent a full month in Vietnam in June as a part of our round-the-world trip. We were impressed, and pleasantly surprised, with the wide-range of affordable entertainment options across Vietnam. We’ll count down our top 10 favorite things we did, and throw in […]

Top 10 budget travel activities to do in Vietnam

Posted by Caleb | August 9, 2016 I am not a photographer, heck I just went on a trip around the world without even carrying a camera.  However, as I get more connected to digital devices and social networks, my initial reaction to seeing something cool on this trip was to […]

Points High Trip – A to Z in pictures

I’m posting this blog from London’s Heathrow Airport as we are about to board our second of three flights of the day that will take us home. In many ways this trip has been a whirlwind and in others it feels as if we’ve been traveling far longer than eight […]

Last stop: Kansas!

Posted by Beth | June 26, 2016 We recently spent a full month traveling across Vietnam, the longest we spent in any single country on our round-the-world trip (not counting our time living in Uganda). We chose to stay the full 30 days allowed on our visa because it’s a […]

Our 30-day Vietnam itinerary (plus suggestions for shorter visits)

Posted by Beth | June 20, 2016 For a complete summary of where we stayed, what we did and how we got around, see our Ultimate Guide to Flashpacking Laos.  Days in the country: 10 Cities visited: Vientiane, Vang Vieng and Luang Prabang Favorite lodging: Our Airbnb in Vientiane. Best host we’ve ever […]

Country recap and budget tips: Laos

Posted by Beth | June 13, 2016 We adored our 10 days traveling around Laos and encourage anyone interested in traveling through Southeast Asia not to overlook this landlocked country. There are no beaches, but there’s plenty of natural beauty, adventure activities, delicious food and accommodations perfect for a “flashpacker” budget. […]

The Ultimate Guide to Flashpacking Laos